The hard work has started again!

Hi we are back! Its been a while since my last update but we have not been idle I promise!

So far this year the weather in Sardinia has been really stable, with dry sunny days, one after the other (aren’t we lucky). This has allowed Colin and I to get started earlier than usual on maintenance work, especially the bright work, masts and booms which all need their annual sanding, filling, varnishing and painting. This keeps them in good condition and looking great. We have noticed some water damage on the deck boxes (darker patches of wood) which needs investigating to find where the water is getting in and any gaps in joints need inspected for cracks which then need refilled before re-varnishing. 

Main companion way being completely stripped back to bare wood

Andrea Jensen is rated the No.1 excursion in Alghero on Trip Advisor .

The summer is flying by at such a rate but thanks to our great team and fabulous ship, we are once again the top rated excursion in Alghero on Trip Advisor. Its the end of July already and we have had lots of great days sailing with great guests on board. How they love our little ship, we are so proud of her. 5 star reviews are really making the difference. Thank you everyone for contributing.

We have 2 days of Mistrale right now and are marina bound today and tomorrow. The thunder storm last night was spectacular and we watched from the deck as the lightening lit up the skies of Alghero in dramatic fashion. This was however, quickly followed by torrential rain and a very disturbed night for all aboard! Thank goodness we are not working today and a strong westerly is drying all our damp things in record time. You cannot beat sailing life!

We are truely blessed to own such a stunning ‘lady of the sea’
Happy Me!