Our Story 2019 (told by Rachel) part 2

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Our alarm is set for 7.15 am, we wake each morning with the sun beaming through our bedroom window.  That’s the big difference between here and Scotland. The days of wall to wall sunshine here equals the days of rain there and that was a big motivation for us to leave Scotland behind and start a new life here. Owning a boat in Scotland can be amazing, but it can also be very cold and wet, which does take the edge off it a bit.

Whilst still lying in bed we hear the now familiar distant pastoral sounds of dogs barking, a donkey braying, heeeeh haw and goats bells clinking!,  That’s when we know we are back in Villanova Monteleone.

We have been back for 2 and a half weeks and the long list of maintenance jobs is not getting any shorter despite our hard efforts, because Colin keeps adding new jobs to the list.  Cross one off, add two!.

As usual after being shut up for 2 months, Andrea’s interior was dusty and mouldy, when we took the covers off and opened up her hatches, though thankfully, not as bad as previous years. We have fixed a lot of leaks in the deck over the last 3 years and as a result she is a lot drier inside.  Still she needed cleaned from top to bottom before we could start any real work.

We have actually achieved quite a lot in this first few weeks. Our first big job was rewiring. We set about ripping all the old electrical cables out of the galley and saloon. No longer will we have to look at all the exposed cables trailing over the saloon ceiling, beams and walls, covered in layers of old paint. Colin has rewired the entire electrical circuits through conduit and concealed much of the wiring under the saloon seats. My job has been prepping the ceiling and walls for painting, (filling in holes left by the old wiring) and sanding, my forte apparently. We also decided to take out one of the saloon sky lights, as it still leaked really badly and needed re-bedded and resealed in place.  In between doing all this, Colin has disconnected and removed the main toilet from the heads and ripped out the rotten floor it was sitting on (years of being soaked with water from the shower is to blame). The hull of the boat is exposed  and is now open and drying out before Colin attempts to rebuild it and re-plumb the toilet back in.

Prep work almost complete and saloon nearly ready for repainting!

2019 Our Story (as told by Rachel)

We arrived back in Sardinia on 4th February, at Porto Torres from Toulon.  We have been away in the UK for 2 months, staying with friends and family, doing absolutely nothing.  A lovely break. We are both looking forward to getting active again however. The sun was out to welcome us on our return and whilst driving to our hill top home in  Villanova Monteleone, we both commented on how green and lush the island was looking.  It was also striking, how much water was lying in the fields and in streams at the edges of the road. The water level in the lake on the road to our neighbouring village, Putrifigari, was also the highest we had seen it, in the 3 years we have been living here. The island looked refreshed after the winter. It is a good feeling being back and Sardinia is definitely feeling more like home for us I think.

I have  a new challenge in my life that I now have to deal with. Whilst in the UK, I visited my doctor to get a diagnosis for my sore feet, which I have been suffering with for years. Surprisingly I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  This has come as a big shock to both of us.  I would not consider myself massively over weight and have no other diabetic symptoms and with no history of diabetes in my family, it really is the last thing I expected to be told.  I have been advised that the best way of bringing my sugars down and to beat diabetes is through a controlled low carbohydrate diet and exercise program.  So there we are, Colin and I have to do more and eat less!  Well if I do, he does too! Great when can we start?