A Fabulous End to Our 2021 Season

The 25th of October was our last day trip of the season and it was a spectacular day with perfect weather conditions and a lovely group of German guys on board. What a fabulous day to end our season. We asked our old pal Giuliano to help us as crew for the day and he stepped in to do do just that. He already knows the ropes, as he crewed for us during our 1st season in 2016 and for the previous owners for 8 years or so. He is just what we need, reliable and friendly as well as being proficient at handling the sails on Andrea Jensen.

From the very off, the guests on board were relaxed and chatty. They were a group of 9 pin bowlers from Germany (yes, 9 pin is correct!), who travel together regularly for fun and particularly enjoy an opportunity to sail. They were all very keen to hear about the history of Andrea Jensen and seemed to be drawn to the stern of the ship, to be with Colin at the helm. He is the expert on this subject and he loves an opportunity to pass on his knowledge. Everyone quickly began to enjoy each others sailing tales and I knew we were in for a day of good conversation and memorable yarns.

The sun was fairly low in the sky and it was a coolish morning but thankfully our guests had come prepared. Coffee and tea was served and we motored up towards Capo Caccia, past the Dutch House and Punta del Giglio. The impressive cliff of Capo Caccia dominates the coastline and caught everyone’s eye as we approached, all eyes were forward trying to take in the aw-inspiring view. As we rounded the point, the wind increased and Andrea Jensen began to ride the waves. The smiles on peoples faces were a picture of contentment.

We took our usual mooring in Port Conte Bay for lunch and a few guests braved the water for a swim. Plenty of chilled, white wine was being drunk by our guests and the conversation moved onto questions about whether we were going to sail? This was after all, what everyone was was waiting for. The sails ties were removed and the guests enthusiastically followed my instructions for hoisting and setting the mizzen and main sail and we cast off. This was quickly followed by the jib and stay sails and we were sailing out of the bay! Nothing can beat the tranquility when the engine is switched off and the wind starts filling the sails. Silence filled the ship, as everyone sat back and marvelled at the beauty of Andrea Jensen gliding through the water on her way back to Alghero.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us over the years on Andrea Jensen, we look forward to 2022 with increased optimism.

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