Blog no. 5 Bosa

Our hard work at Bosa is almost over. We should be putting Andrea back into the water on Monday morning and heading back to Alghero to start the 2019 season. The journey takes about 3.5 hours up the North West coast of Sardinia, following the awesome cliffs all the way back. We may see Griffin Vultures if we are lucky! This is their territory, they live on the cliffs above Bosa. We have seen them once before when we were driving back from Bosa on a cloudy day and a Griffin flew really low in front of us. They are amazingly majestic with their white head and huge beak stretched out in front.

Bosa is a lovely town (a lot smaller than Alghero and more intimate) and sits on the banks of the on the only navigable river in Sardinia, the Temo.  The original old town is built on the side of a hill and is over looked by the remains of the ‘Castello’. The multi-coloured houses of the old town are famous and really make Bosa special. The friendly atmosphere is more ‘homely’ than Alghero and it is a real treat to sit out, sipping a glass of vino in one of the many riverside restaurants. So it goes without saying that we will be back visiting Bosa very soon!

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