Time to celebrate! 2019 Operating License signed

Blog no.4

Rain stopped play today, so we have a days break from boat maintenance in Bosa. We decided to take a trip into Alghero to inquire at the Guardia Costiera as to whether they have approved this years license (4th visit to their office this month) and luck was on our side as we were able to collect our 2019 operating license this morning, signed by Alghero Guardia Costiera Capitaniera. So our 2019 season can officially begin! Its always a bit nerve racking going into the officials office to get approval each year. Our Italian is not great and of course we are trying to impress these important people, so we panic somewhat more than usual, when we are put on the spot and they ask us awkward questions, which they do each year. We always seem to get there eventually however. Its like we have to play their little games by their rules before we can get an official signature!

We have made great progress this past week in Bosa and are now at the painting stage. Wait until you see our new colour scheme! Colin has had a lot more hull re-caulking of the seems to do this year and he has been doing it the traditional way with tarred hemp and Black Pudding mix (no not the blood sausage). The hull paint work really needs stripping back completely but we are not doing that this year, maybe we will tackle it in 2 years time if we can muster up some extra helping hands! It will be a big job!

We think we have 1 more weeks work at Bosa then we will head back to Alghero. We have 2 Help Ex volunteers joining us for the summer season and they arrive on 14th April ready for Easter. We will be embarking on a weeks training before the season starts, so that they can start ‘learning the ropes’! It will soon be upon us, all hands on deck!

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